About Arts and Skills Institute

Vision, Mission & Values

Arts And Skills Institute is an innovative and contemporary School of Art and Fashion in Riyadh.

Opened in 2007 ASI prides itself on teaching innovation and originality through contemporary western style teaching methodology. Arts & Skills Institute is affiliated with Box Hill Institute in Australia, to deliver a two-year Diploma of Visual Arts and a two-year Diploma of Applied Fashion Design and Technology. Both Diplomas are equal qualifications with Australian institutions and gain first-year University credit to graduate applicants.

Students at ASI receive training in practical and theoretical skills and learn to apply those skills in a professional manner within Saudi Industry. ASI is proud that graduates have gone on to teach, produce their own business as artists and with their own fashion labels, boutiques, and garment lines. The professional quality of production as both Fashion Designers and Artists is required of all students at ASI and has been a proven success with gallery exhibitions, national prizes and local sales as proof.

Arts and Skills prides itself on being the first Institute in Riyadh to provide full disabled access and provide equitable classes for students with a disability.

ASI also supports the disabled through a creative workshop where deaf women can earn a living through creating crafts with a Saudi theme that are sold as corporate at government level and to the general public. All work is kept to the high professional’s standard demanded by ASI products.

Arts and Skills Institute was very proud to be selected to design the costumes and corporate gifts for the Saudi Pavilion at Shanghai Expo in 2010. In a combination of traditional with contemporary garments, all staff at the pavilion was proud to wear costumes designed in Saudi Arabia.

Arts & Skills Institute is recognised as Saudi Arabia’s No. 1 global vocational education and training provider.

The mission of Arts & Skills Institute is centred on students, skills and staff (3 S’s)

  • To provide students with a positive learning environment and give them the opportunity to excel in the global employment market.
  • To provide industry and the community with highly skilled and well educated people capable of making productive contributions.
  • To provide a working environment that attracts and nurtures leaders in vocational education, training, and services.

The values, which Arts & Skills Institute admires in its staff and reflects in all its business activities, are embedded in the plans of the Institute.

  • Service to students, other customers, the community and one another
  • Excellence in everything we do, by adopting the highest professional standards
  • Learning which contributes to our growth as individuals and as community
  • Integrity through honesty, fairness, transparent communication and trusting relationships
  • Accountability to those we serve and each other
  • Achievement by recognising and rewarding achievers, creativity and innovation
  • Equity & Access by providing people with fair and reasonable opportunities to participate and excel on merit
  • Caring for the well-being of our diverse community and maintaining a balance between our personal and professional lives
  • Teamwork which encourages participation and empowers people to exercise initiative and responsibility
  • Leadership which consistently inspires mutual respect and outstanding performance
  • Continuous Development of staff, learning programs, our environment and systems

Arts and Skills Institute is an innovative and contemporary School of Art and Fashion in Riyadh. Opened in 2007, ASI prides itself on being the first Art Institute in Riyadh to provide diplomas in Visual Arts and Applied Fashion Design and Technology in a contemporary teaching methodology. ASI is a highly specialist art environment teaching innovation and originality to encourage student input and help us shape Saudi Art community.

Equipment and materials. ASI have a high standard of equipment and emphasis on practical experience. Studios and workshops have all the tools needed to experiment and learn industry skills.

Library. ASI Library opens its doors for all ASI students, researchers and visitors.
*Library Rules:

  • Copyrights reserved “using and copying is allowed under distribution rights protection terms”
  • Borrowing is allowed within the Institute only.
  • All users are expected to maintain all library content.

Additional Services. The Institute can provide you with other valuable books. Please fill the request form to prepare the requested books for you in an appropriate time. Internet searching service is available.

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